Welcome To City Acupuncture & Herb Clinic

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine have been used successfully for many thousands of years in the treatment of a wide range of conditions.


Why choose City Acupuncture & Herb Clinic?

  1. Practitioner: Experienced, Skilled, Friendly, Effective
  2. Best quality of herbal medicine (Certificate from TGA Australia 1994)
  3. Environment: Privacy, Natural light, Hygienic, Quiet

  4. Location: Conveniently located on Queen St (bus stations and carparks nearby)
  5. Fare: Free ACC treatment, Private session is reasonable
  6. Equipment:
  • Bio Spectrum treatment device (For enhancing treatment results)
  • State of art electric needling machine ( similar to TENS)
  • Ear acupuncture points detector and stimulator
  • Massage roller (Patented tool for neck, shoulder and back pain relief)
  • Cupping tools and GuaSa (scraping method)
  • Potent herbal plasters for rapid pain relief
  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine involving inserting thin needles into the body at acupuncture points.  人體中的經絡系統負責輸送全身的”氣 ... Read more
  • Herbal Medicine
    In China, people have been using natural herbs to treat a wide variety of disorder and conditions for 3 thousand years. These herbs are composed of roots, flowers, seeds, leaves, and branches.  ... Read more
    Herbal Medicine
  • Cupping
    Cupping therapy is a process of suctioning or vacuuming section of the body’s median system for the purpose of draining out toxins, pain management, muscle relaxation, increasing blood flow, and ... Read more
  • Tuina Massage
    “Tuina” is a form form of oriental bodywork that uses manual pressure points to affect not only the muscles and joints, but also the flow of energy in the body, because of its focus on the ... Read more
    Tuina Massage
  • Guasha
    The principle of scrap therapy is similar to that of acupuncture. While acupuncture stimulates the points, scraping touches large surface areas where many points are located. Scraping can releas ... Read more

Registered Provider

City Acupuncture & Herb Clinic is ACC and NZRA registered provider



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The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand




The New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists (NZRA) is the longest established and largest body representing practitioners of Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine.


ACC provides personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents, international students and foreign visitors. ACC generally covers the treatment of personal injuries. To get ACC treatment, please visit your family doctor as soon as possible to get your injury assessed. Your family doctor will then lodge your injury claim with ACC. You will be given an ACC referral for treatment, which you can bring to us for ACC acupuncture treatment.


For ACC Acupuncture Session - Free

For Non ACC Acupuncture Session - $65


5 Acupuncture Sessions $300

Special offer